In java string is considered as one of the most important topics. There are lots of uses of string we can see in java. String is not just a data type in java. It has so many definitions.

· String is a class in java which contains some important method…

Interface is a very important feature of Java whose definition starts with the keyword interface. It is very much like a class with some differences. Basically through interface keyword you can declare and define an interface in java.

interface Interface_name




An interface basically specifies method declaration and…

Array is basically a collection of similar type elements. Suppose you implement a program which contains lots of integer type variables. In this case you can use array which can contain those integer values instead of declaring all the variables one by one and making the program more complex.


Reusability increases flexibility of programming and saves your time. Now what does it mean? Suppose in a program you define two or more classes and for each and every class you define variables and methods on the basis of the operation. Now, it may happen that a class uses some…

In java, this is basically a keyword which is used to refer current class instance. Lets see an example,

public class InstaPage {

String pageName;

String pageType;

InstaPage(String name, String type){





Look at the above code segment carefully. …


Java allows objects to initialize themselves when they are created.This automatic initialization is performed through the concept of constructor.

Properties of Constructor:

A constructor initializes an object immediately after creation

Constructor in java is considered as a method which has no return type

This method has same name with…

OOP or Object Oriented Programming, as the name suggests, each and every thing in this case is related to object. In this programming approach, every operation is implemented by creating object. Now, the question is about creating object. How do you create an object? It is very simple. You can…

The term polymorphism means something which has so many forms. In real world you can think yourself as an example of it. You are a student, you are a son of your parent, you are a friend of someone etc. So many roles you have in your life. So, you…

One of the interesting features of java programming language is its platform independency. First of all, lets understand in brief about platform dependent and platform independent programming language.

What is a platform?

A platform is basically the system(operating system) in which a program executes. For example windows, linux etc. …

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Programming has its own world. If you enter into this world, you should have right idea about the programming. You should know the actual theory. It is very important to understand what is right and what is wrong particularly when you want to make it your world. …

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